When the Grass Is Sown

The perfect time to plant a new lawn is in early fall. From the end of summer until the middle of autumn the soil is warm and humid with rain, the perfect conditions for the seeds to germinate. In addition, weed competition is lower at this time of year.

When to plant grass

The use of grass seeds has several advantages over tepes or bread. Apart from the cost, there are many different mixtures and you can better choose the combination of seeds that suits your garden. In addition, if the garden has difficult areas, such as slopes and corners, the placement of tepes is more complicated.

The best time to plant grass seeds depends on the type of grass you use and where you live. Knowing the varieties of grass and the right time to sow are basic factors for planting to be successful.

Grass seeds germinate with hot and humid soils, for that reason, it is recommended to sow in autumn. If you miss the opportunity to sow in autumn, try it in mid-spring, as long as you can water abundantly. The new grass will need a lot of water. Do not try to sow in summer, it is unlikely that you can water the lawn enough to prevent it from drying out and dying.

Choose grass seeds

Buy a mixture of seeds that is suitable for your garden. There are many brands on the market and almost all of them have a large number of different varieties: for warm climates, for shade, for sports areas or ornamental grass. In most cases, a mixture of rustic and transit-resistant grass is sufficient. It is interesting that you know the different types of grass that exist. 

How to prepare the soil for the lawn

  • Clear the ground of all the old grass and weeds. Remove the large stones and level the surface. A good tactic is to water the area daily for a couple of weeks to germinate all weeds in the field and eliminate them from the roots.
  • Work the ground with a hoe or plow, depending on the surface to be worked. You must work the earth until you unpack all the lumps to make it thin and loose. 
  • Reaffirms the earth by walking on it or with a roller. Rake the surface and level.
  • Two or three days before sowing the seeds spread a balanced granular fertilizer.

How to do grass planting

The general rule is to spread 50 grams of seeds per square meter of land, but each packet of seeds usually indicates the exact amount.

  • Divide the area to be planted into squares of 1-meter side.
  • Shake the box to mix the seeds.
  • Weigh the amount of seed per square meter in a container and mark the level to serve as a guide.
  • Spread half on a square in one direction and then the rest in the opposite direction. 
  • Repeat the process for all squares.
  • After planting, gently rake the area and water.

Caring for the lawn while it is going out

  • Protect the newly sown seeds of the birds with some element that drives them away or covering the area with a net 
  • Surround the ground with ropes to prevent people from walking on the planted area
  • Lawn seedlings are very sensitive to drought so you must keep the soil moist until they sprout and then periodically water until the grass is established
  • Eliminate weeds meticulously with your hand and before they bloom, they can drown the grass
  • When the grass reaches 5 centimeters you can make the first cut and leave it at a height of 2.5 cm

How long does the grass take to germinate

It depends on the variety of seed that is used but, as a general rule, the first blades of grass will begin to appear within 4-5 days. At 10 days 50% of the seeds will have sprouted and at 20 it is very possible that the vast majority of the grass will appear. The soil will look like a smooth surface full of green hairs, they are the small grass seedlings. What has not come out after 30 days of seed is likely to no longer sprout, but do not worry if you see the surface very clear, the plants have to be developed to cover the soil. From each blade of grass, your little plant has to come out and from that plant, there will be others for stolons or rhizomes. It takes time for a green mantle to form.

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