Paradise life: the most beautiful gardens in the world

For an unpretentious city dweller, flower beds with pansies, an alley with poplars and a lawn with a fountain are already quite a garden. However, slightly larger projects are becoming the best gardens in the world. Claude Monet’s garden with that famous pond, a Thai garden with its own elephant farm, or the Chinese Emperor’s garden included in the UNESCO heritage. For all young naturalists, foresters and just nature lovers, we have compiled a list of the most beautiful gardens in the world. Learn more with Travis Holloway.

Butchart Gardens , Canada, Victoria

Five in one! Japanese, Italian, Mediterranean, sunken (on the site of a quarry with a large number of streams and reservoirs) gardens and a rose garden are located on 22 hectares of the former quarry. There are about 900 species of plants, which are carefully looked after by the park staff in the difficult Canadian climate. The gardens change their appearance every season, so you can visit at any time of the year. Live music concerts are held on summer evenings , and fireworks are thundering every Saturday! Well, if you cherish the dream of breaking something similar at the dacha (naive), to the envy of your neighbors, there is a seed shop in the Butchart gardens.

Brooklyn Botanic Gardens , USA, New York

An oasis in the middle of a metropolis, where you can look at several different gardens at once. There is a rose garden with 1400 types of roses, a garden of typical North American nature (pine trees, tall grasses and hollows-zolli, similar to saucers), Shakespeare’s garden (there are many plants mentioned by the bard in his dramas and sonnets) and a pond with water lilies. Also, master classes are held in the garden : they teach them how to make wedding bouquets and make compost tea (for plants, not for people!), And also go in for sports! Downward-facing dog and plank against the backdrop of delightful nature – why not.

Claude Monet’s Garden , France, Giverny

If you are not only a fan of botany, but also a fan of art, you are in the town of Giverny, where the impressionist artist Claude Monet lived and worked for forty years. It is here that the very pond from which Monet painted his famous painting “Pond with Water Lilies” is located. You can also visit the artist’s house: the walls are still painted in the colors chosen by the artist. So if your muse has left you, you should definitely look for her here!

Kenroku-en Park , Japan, Kanazawa

If you want to feel like the last samurai or Mulan on vacation, visit one of the three Great Gardens of Japan – Kenroku-en. The name of the garden translates as “The Garden of Six Qualities”. It seems that this is about a samurai code of honor, but in fact it is about the merits necessary to create an ideal Japanese garden (yes, there are some): a vast territory, solitude, human skill, a touch of antiquity, the flow of water and a beautiful landscape .

Here you can look at the oldest fountain in the country, walk along Japanese bridges, admire the pagodas, drink tea in a secret teahouse overlooking a pond, and simply take a break from the traditional Japanese madness and riot of bright colors that are common in megacities. We advise you to come in March – it is at this time that sakura blooms, and the garden is painted in all shades of pink!

Nymph’s Garden , Italy, 17.6 km. from the city of Latina

At the time of the ancient Roman gods, in the territory of the Lazio region, there was a temple dedicated to the goddesses of spring water – the nymphs Naiad. Now there is one of the most romantic parks, according to The New York Times . The place is truly magical: mysterious ruins twined with roses, tulip trees and ornamental cherries. A little more and you yourself will turn into a nymph or a satyr!

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