Looking Back: My First Rose Bush, Evelyn

It seems a lie but it has been more than six years since I resumed the care of the garden and decided to give it fresh air. The previous years had been totally absorbed by other tasks and had not been able to devote time. With the exception of some very resistant plants, almost all of them needed to be restored and the grass had to be replaced.

That year I decided that it was impossible to keep the grass in the lower part of the garden. There is not so much sun there and, in addition, lowering the mower is a very uncomfortable task. I opted to cover that part with gravel, previously we would put a mesh so that the herbs did not grow underneath.

They were a few days of hard work and junk everywhere. Sacks of dirt and gravel trucks, large stones to level certain spaces and, finally, a good layer of substrate enriched to receive the seeds of the new lawn and rose bushes.

This island, to the left of the garden, is where I planned to plant the rose bushes. 

In this area, to the right, there was enough space to have a small area of ​​grass to cool in the summer afternoons.

Right in front of the porch, which in this picture you can see full of pots and junk during the days of the transformation.

The rest of the garden was perfect, full of flower shops blooming in those dates and with bushes that had planted that same spring and began to develop. The laurels were already old, one of the first plants that I put in the garden and that have resisted everything.

On the side, we put the mesh and, on it, kilos and kilos of gravel.

In the garden part, we spread the grass seeds and cover them with a good mulch. All that remained was to water and wait for the grass to germinate.

And it was time to go for my desired first rose. He had very clear what he wanted, he had been consulting in gardening forums, had seen it in hundreds of photographs …, would be Abraham Darby, one of David Austin’s English rose bushes. And it would have been, if I had not confused myself at the last moment and had not taken this copy of Evelyn, also English and also Austin, instead.

I was really excited about the nursery and when I got home and read the label again … you couldn’t believe it! It wasn’t the rose bush I really wanted, but a few days later I had already forgotten it. Evelyn is a beautiful rose bush, with large, huge flowers, and a delicious aroma.

I did not hesitate to plant it in the place where the first of my choice would have been. I’ve taken care of it all this time and it’s still my favorite rosebush. I leave some images of his first roses, roses that he gives me every spring even though I have not taken care of him as well as he should. But that is going to change, this year it has to shine again with the first day and I’m taking care of that.

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