Chilliwack Sunflower Festival. or the Experience of Walking Among a Sea of ​​Sunflowers

The landscape of the fields of miracles is extraordinary at any time of the day, but it has a special charm at dawn when the sunrise dyes a thousand different colors with its vibrant light. For those looking to feel the magic of that moment, the park opens its doors at 5:30 in the morning.

Chilliwack is a community rich in history with a population passionate about horticulture that proposes to run outdoor adventures and live agricultural experiences. Walk between endless rows of imposing sunflowers, play in the meadow with the children or have a cool beer, but made from malted sunflower seeds.

It is true that it is not necessary to go so far to enjoy a beautiful spectacle among sunflowers; In our geography, there are also abundant crops of this plant with large yellow flowers that are oriented following the position of the sun. To me, sunflowers remind me of summer vacations, days of warm temperatures and family outings.

It seems that I begin to long for summer when we have just released season. But no, it is not like that. We also find the charm of autumn and we will talk about its beauty. For today I leave you with some beautiful images of sunflowers, a plant of strong agricultural character that every day sneaks into more gardens, such as these from the gothic garden of Kat Von.

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