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Woodlore Shutters

Norman Woodlore Shutters
The Norman Woodlore Shutters combine traditional elements of handcrafted shutters with the modern lifestyle appeal. This product is the most popular selling item by Norman. This product creates a great finished look that enhances your design ensemble. The shutters have thick vanes. The material used is strong composite wood that has a tough coating for durability. The material is scratch resistant, humidity proof and easily washable without worry. You can easily fit the product in kitchens, baths and areas for children and pets. This elegant solution is absolutely worry-free. The product is priced as reasonably as possible whist giving the best quality of wood finished designs. The product is flawless and will resist any kind of fading over the years. A timeless beauty.

Product Features :
  • Multi density fiber board
  • Scratch and fade resistant
  • Wood elegance at reasonable prices

home decor

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