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Universal Brackets

Levolor Universal Brackets
The Levolor Universal Brackets are exclusively made by Levolor and you will be hard pressed to find this product from another maker. This product is highly innovative and Levolor prides itself in this innovative accessory. You can mount this product in 3 positions and it is very flexible for almost any application. The window treatment product is applicable to almost any setting, thus the name Universal. You can choose from among 5 finishes to match it with drapery and window treatment hardware from Levolor or other makers. You can mount this product on ceilings, walls or windows. The ceiling mount can be used for dividing a room, long curtains and drapes or for long windows that run from the ceiling to the floor. You can mount this product on the inside of windows without any holes requires on the walls.

Product Features :
  • Multi mount – walls, ceilings, windows
  • Neat and Clean
  • Innovative design

home decor

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