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Rods and Finials

Levolor Rods and Finials
Levolor Rods and Finials sets come in a wide variety of design options.  You can choose from 8 different finishes and 17 finial designs. The pole diameter choices are 5/8” and ¾”. They suit any kind of décor whether it is traditional, classical, modern or contemporary. This product offers a quick, convenient, economical and easy solution for hardware needs of any choice of window treatments. The product set comes with 2 finials, 1 telescoping rod and brackets. The customer can choose from a 2 size range options of 24-48” and 48”-84” in width. Mounting and installation instructions are included with every package. The designs are contemporary as well as classical, and beautiful in every way. They can fit in any design style, are economical and functional yet immensely stylish in a neat way.

Product Features :
  • 8 finishing options
  • 17 finial options
  • Stylish as well as functional

home decor

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