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Rings and Hold Backs

Levolor Rings and Hold Backs
The Levolor Rings and Hold Backs add a decorative touch to window treatments. The Clip Rings are a great alternative to other rod hardware for drapes and panels. The rings add a superb decorative element and they are as stylish as they are functional. The rings allow for unhindered movement of your window treatment options. Moving drapery panels is almost effortless with the rings. Levolor Hold Backs are great as a securing lock for the curtains and drapes. They look charming too. The mounting for the hold backs is recommended at 2/3 from the top for a pleasing look for the curtain and drapes. Levolor makes high quality functional rings and hold backs that add to the appeal of your window treatment instead of being hindrances. The decorative elements great improve the look of your set.

Product Features :
  • Easy movement through rings
  • Stylish hold backs that add to the appeal
  • Much better than stock hardware

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