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Wood Trends® Decorative Hardware

Kirsch Wood Trends® Decorative Hardware
The Kirsch Wood Trends® Decorative Hardwareoffers the same quality and elegance that Kirsch products are known for. The Wood Trends line features 3 styles: Classics, Urban Comfort and Renaissance. The Classics create the classic looks with premium wood finishes and the timeless design touch. The Urban comfort style is modern, contemporary and the simple designs offer a Zen-aspect which is simple yet beautiful. Minimalism at its best. The Renaissance style brings about the aspects of Royalty and historically beautiful designs. The intricate and beautiful finished feature handcrafted finial designs.  The finials add a touch of opulence. "Classics" is available in 13/8”, 2” and 3” diameters, Urban Comfort in 13/8” and 2”, and Renaissance in 2” diameter. Kirsch continues its harmonious designs in beautiful craftsmanship with this product. The wood tones of black and dark chocolate give a beautiful appeal to the window treatment hardware product.

Product Features :
  • Three styles available
  • Beautiful and intricate
  • Superb wood tones of black an dark chocolate

home decor

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