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Shutter Style Composite Blinds

Graber Shutter Style Composite Blinds
The Traditions® 2 1/2'' Shutter Style Composite Blinds are protected from humidity and they offer a strong structure. The slats are beveled and large at 2 1/2“which give a great effect of shutters. When open, the view is very clear. You can choose from 10 colors and 6 wood grains. The blinds feature the patented technology of SureClose® headrails which offer a superb control over the amount of light you allow. The bottomrail is trapezoid in shape which gives a perfect closure at the window level. The slats fit very firmly with the headrail lip and the mechanism of the cord lock prevents any slippage. The ladders, tassels and cords are all color matched to perfection. The blinds give the appearance of shutters with the perfect convenience of blinds.

Product Features :
  • Shutter appearance
  • SureClose® headrail light control
  • Firm anti-slip slats

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