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Exterior Solar Shades

Graber Exterior Solar Shades
Graber LightWeaves® Exterior Solar Shades make the best use of solar shades. The material can be used to perfection year round. The exterior shades are located outside the widows to control sunrays and UV radiation. Air-conditioning costs drop in a considerable amount after installation of solar shares. This functionality doesn’t come at the cost of form and the view of the windows remains unhampered year round. You have the choice of dark fabrics for better view and lighter colors for better temperature modification. Privacy, glare, temperature control and style are features of this product. You can choose from 6 colors and also optional privacy level between 5-10 % openness. This product will work great at patios, doors, windows and prevent UV radiation from harming your furniture, causing unnecessary glare or hampering the air conditioning environment inside. All this while looking stylish and easy to use and install.

Product Features :
  • 6 colors
  • Year round temperature control
  • Choose privacy level of fabrics

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