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Kona 3800 Window-Wall System

Fleetwood Windows & Doors Kona 3800 Window-Wall System
The Fleetwood Windows & Doors Kona 3800 Window-Wall Systemis not just a window. It is state of the art architecture. People wonder when they see the different ways a window can be used in a modern apartment and building. The Kona fixed window-wall system was first designed as an alternative to the storefront glass walls. All homeowners, business owners, designers and building professionals love the sleek appeal and look of this product. The Kona system combines the benefits of a custom made storefront with those of a factory built window wall system. You can modify the Kona for fixed window, transoms, and elaborate grid window-walls with window inserts. The Kona product is preferable over commercial storefront any day. Some architects have pushed the edge of the envelop and used Kona systems for homes that give an alluring touch of class by simple use of glass.

Product Features :
  • Better than storefront glasses
  • Versatile for many kinds of use
  • State of the art architecture capability

home decor

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