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Woodwinds® Specialty Shapes

Comfortex Woodwinds® Specialty Shapes
The Comfortex Woodwinds® Specialty Shapesare sold in two types, each with a distinct louver arrangement. You can choose from the movable starburst or the stationary and horizontal sunset. You can easily accommodate trapezoids, arches, ovals and quarter circles as each product can be custom cut according to your requirements and specifications. The product combines class style with contemporary looks and would match in any kind of window ensemble set. The material used is a composite blend wit h a 3-coat finish that is highly durable and moisture resistant. You can choose from a range of different colors to blend the designs into other modern furniture in your environment. The product comes with a limited lifetime warranty. The product is simply beautiful.

Product Features :
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Custom cut according to needs
  • Triple coat finish

home decor

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