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Privada No Holes Privacy Pleated Shades

Comfortex Privada No Holes Privacy Pleated Shades
The Comfortex Privada No Holes Privacy Pleated Shadesare crisp and the folded pleated shades look great and there is no lift cord hole to spoil the appearance. The cords extend from the back of the shade. The product helps in managing light intensity and privacy with ease. The light does not leak through the cord holes at all. The clean pleated shade design is absolutely contemporary and modern. The pleat size if 1 ¾” and you can choose from among light filtering as well as room darkening types. The fabric is made of polyester and is conveniently easy to clean. The product offers 100% protection from UV rays and the pleats will never lose their look. The pleats stack together compactly. The product is white on the outside for a neutral street view.

Product Features :
  • No cord holes
  • Light intensity options
  • Protection from UV rays

home decor

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