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Odysee ™ Insulating Blinds

Comfortex Odysee ™ Insulating Blinds
The Comfortex Odysee ™ Insulating Blinds is the only insulating blind system in the world. You can feel comfortable by the function as well as enchanted by the beauty of the blinds. The product offers the ease of use of a blind with the distinctly beautiful soft fabric of a shade. The vanes open completely to offer a superb clear view and can expand to 1” cells for effective insulation. The product is available in a mammoth 800 different options that change the way light filters thorough. You can also choose from 16 different colors. The vanes expand to keep the chill outside in winder. The vanes are white on the outside which helps in reflecting the heat back outside in summer.

Product Features :
  • Warranty provided
  • 800 options for light intensity
  • Insulating system

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