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Debut™ Cellular Shades

Comfortex Debut™ Cellular Shades
The Comfortex Debut™ Cellular Shadeshave a structure of a single honeycomb which is very effective in insulation. The energy efficient honeycomb structure is also very elegant. The pleat is 1/2" in size. The fabric is very soft and features beautiful colors and patterns. The designer shades are ecofriendly, functional as well as stylish. The honeycomb construction gives a superb insulating layer to the windows which provides comfort all through the year. In the cold weather it keeps the warm air inside and the cold outside. In the summer it keeps the heat outside and keeps the insides cooler. You have the choice of a variety of hardware options like standard rectangular, top down-bottom up which is also known as Duofold and continuous cord loop among many others.

Product Features :
  • Break through cord for child safety
  • Year round insulation
  • Hundreds of color choices

home decor

Window Treatments Window Treatments