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Single Slider Swing Window

Advanced Window Products Single Slider Swing Window
The Advanced Window Products Single Slider Swing Windowmake cleaning the outside surface very easy thanks to the patented inward swing feature. This product from the “classic” series is resistant to dust, dirt, draft, noise and moisture. It is also water resistant. You can be assured of durability thanks to the glass which is twice the thickness of other products. This offers immense energy saving and also provides great sound proofing for a serene indoor environment. The product features child safety features and has a patented drain channel. The holes for hardware get hidden and are only visible when the product is tilted. The sash and frames are multi chambered for excellent thermal proofing. This window is as good as a transparent wall that moves, opens, swings, and tilts.

Product Features :
  • Easy cleaning
  • Thermal proofing
  • Wide range of color choices

home decor

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