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Casement Windows

Advanced Window Products Casement Windows
The Advanced Window Products Casement Windows have a unique swing arrangement. These windows swing inwards that allows for easy cleaning and this feature is very useful as it is otherwise very difficult to clean the outside surface of windows in multi storey buildings. The swinging, pivoting, sliding features have a patent and there is another patent pending for the structural clip of nylon. The products offer resistant and protection from a variety of damaging sources such as dust, moisture, draft, etc. You can get the windows in custom fits for your unique needs. Call us not when nothing else fits, call us and we will fit into anything. The flush covers hardware holes. The corners are thermo welded for an air tight environment.

Product Features :
  • Patented product
  • Thermo welded corners offer air tightness
  • Thick glass for energy efficiency

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Window Treatments Window Treatments