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Double Hung Tilt Window

Advanced Window Products Double Hung Tilt Window
The Advanced Window Products Double Hung Tilt Window swing inside and this makes it very easy to clean the outside surface. This “premier” series product boasts of patented sliding, pivoting, tilting and swinging features. Dust, pest, water, draft, moisture, noise can be easily kept at bay with these windows. The product is both functional as well as stylish in a simple way. The latches have enhanced safety features to prevent accidental tilting by children. The glass is very thick and thus highly energy efficient. You can order a custom fit and we will make it for you in any shape or need that you may have. You also get to choose from a wide range of custom colors. What’s more, the product has a patented drain channel and flush to cover hardware holes.

Product Features :
  • Hidden clip and cavities
  • Child proof
  • Strong and energy efficient glass

home decor

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