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Alcoa Shutters 1400 KANISSE
The Alcoa Shutters 1400 KANISSE is a great product to choose when renovating. It is easy to clean and has a quality finish. The product is an aluminum shutter which has strength, sturdiness, durability and is flexible for installation on a wide variety of areas due to the multi-purpose fittings. You can choose the product as a fully-slated version that comes with partially open, louvre style slats or opaque louvre slat. You can also choose to go with mixed slats that are half fully-slates and half having louvre slats. The product is applicable for window dressing or French windows, when renovating and for multiple occupancy. All components are of aluminum and can be painted with the same colors as the shutter. You can choose from 2 frame panel options – an imitation wooden shutter mold or the standard design that has cut sides amongst the slats.

Product Features :
  • Highly durable
  • Vast color options
  • 2 frame panel options

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