Window Treatments
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Window Treatment Ideas

No one wants a bare window. Even if you are not big on decorations you probably still need some window treatment ideas in order to keep the sun out on the hotter days to keep the indoors cool. Whether you are after practicality or decorum window treatment ideas are some that you should consider for your own home.

When considering window treatment ideas, consider what exactly you want. Ask yourself what the purpose is for your window treatments. Consider the advantages and disadvantages of having or not having sunlight. Also consider if you want to keep your privacy or share your personal business to the world. When you have decided what your window treatment ideas should consist of next you should consider the styles you want to create the treatments with. You can choose traditional, contemporary, country, eclectic or anything you want. Also consider what direction the sun comes in at what times. If you want to keep the sun out in the morning you should use your heavier window treatments for the eastern side of your building. The opposite if you want to keep the light out in the evening. Also think about what your color scheme is. The colors you choose could have an effect on what kinds of window treatment ideas you can choose. Finally, the maintenance involved is a factor. If you do not mind doing a lot of work on the window treatments you may want to do something a little fancier. However, if you want simplicity, then do not invest much in the way of complications.

Taking a close look at all the window treatment ideas you have to choose from, you have curtains, draperies, blinds, shutters or shades. There are also other window treatments such as rosettes or damask. You then should choose your texture and make of the window treatments, such as cotton, wood, vinyl or linen. When considering the make up of your window treatments include color in your choices. Harmony is desired when you are trying to match your window treatment with everything else in your house. You may want to meld the colors of your window treatment with the dominant color of your room. You may also try going completely the opposite way to make the color of your window treatment “pop.” For a smaller area you may want to use a less assuming window treatment solution. Do the reverse for a larger window.

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