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Valance Window Treatments

Valance window treatments are by far one of the most common decorations used for household windows. These products don’t add much in terms of controlling light or noise, but they are necessary for tying rooms together and giving each window a cohesive look. These products are essentially a short piece of fabric that hangs over the center of a window and only falls maybe a foot or so down from the railing. It is useful for when drapes are used but are parted to let in light during the day. This unfortunately creates a giant gap in the look of the window and exposes the beam, which holds the drapes. Many homeowners greatly dislike this appearance and so these products are used to fill the hole.

Additionally, many homeowners use these and simple drapes as the sole look of the window regardless of whether the drapes are drawn or closed. This is a very common look and is a superb way to decorate a window. Even if drapes would cover the entire railing, the valence look has become a standard look in many modern homes and so many people find it very appeasing to look at for this reason.

These products come in an immense variety of styles and colors. They are usually sold alongside drapes so that they match, but they can also be found as stand alone products that can be added later or colorized differently to give a specific look and feel to your home, which is unique to your own tastes.

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