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Pleated Shades

Homeowners are continuously looking for different ways to add value to their homes. Fortunately, these value adding homeowner methods and applications don’t necessarily have to be expensive ones. One of the simplest ways you can both add value and beauty to your home is with pleated shades.

First, homeowners love pleated type shades since they offer such simple installation. Any time you can avoid having to hire professional contractors to do work on your home is a good thing. All you will need is a measuring tape and a simple screwdriver or low-power screw gun. But before you buy, you should definitely take a second set of measurements on your window. You’ll want to make sure you get the right size shades.

And one of the most obvious reasons why people opt for these types of shades is because of the simple yet striking effect that is created by the pleats. Granted, the pleats grant seamless folding capabilities, but even when they are fully drawn, the contrasting pleats create a very aesthetically pleasing effect. Adding to their natural beauty is the option to pick from a large number of different fabrics. This allows you to perfectly match them to your home’s existing décor. Most are made from a semi-sheer polyester fabric that offers years of beautiful use without fading.

And you are sure to love the easy control you get from these pleated window treatments. Homeowners love the ability to choose full, top, or bottom coverage. Being able to select covering just half the window offers flexible shade options.

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