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How to Make Window Treatments

Just like everything else in the home, many homeowners want to know how to make window treatments themselves. This has become increasingly common as more homeowners want to be self-reliant as well as just have a little fun with making something. This also has other benefits as well as treatments can be fitted to a home’s specific windows, which can be quite costly if done by a professional, and doing one’s own treatments also allows homeowners to play around with the color and styles they like, instead of just what’s available.

Treatments are an important part of decorating the interior of a home and they control the amount of light that enters the home during the day. Additionally, treatments add privacy and comfort to anyone inside a home during the day and extinguish all sources of light during the night when trying to sleep, which is especially helpful in large cities where there is a constant level of light. Treatments can also help to dampen low-level noise that can make the home less comfortable.

There are a few basic types of treatments, only some of which can be done at home. Blinds and shutters are common, but probably out of the range of most home craftspeople. Instead, drapes are the more common choice. Drapes are made with nearly any type of fabric and they can be cut and sown to fit any window. Additionally, embroidery and other accoutrement can be added to give them added style.

To start making your own, first measure the window that you are planning on treating. They’ll probably already be a bar in place to hang your treatments, but if need be install one, something easily done with a kit from your local hardware store. After getting measurements, the sky is basically the limit. Drapes can be made with nearly any fabric from a fabric store or any place for that matter. They’ll need some way to hang and most hobbyist usually create loops or sow a lengthwise loop to slide the hanging bar through. It’s best to do embroidery and other etchings last; first cut and hang to see if the drapes fit. When this is accomplished then add as much style as you see fit for your home.

There are many different types of books and online websites to get ideas from. These will also have helpful sowing and cutting tips as well to make the process a little less trial and error.

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