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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I have an odd shaped window—what are my options?
A: Good question. First, one of the leading window frame designs that features an odd shaped frame is that of the arched window. Fortunately, there are plenty of window treatments that are designed specifically to dress this type of window. Not only that, but you can also find plenty of businesses right here that will help you with some custom window treatments. Because if you plan on spending the money for window treatments anyway then there is absolutely no sense in buying a treatment that simply does not fit or look right on your differently shaped windows.

Q: I’d like some extra privacy for my bathroom—what can I do about that?
A: You can actually look into several different options to find a solution for greater privacy in your bathroom, or any other room within your home for that matter. One of the simpler things that you can do will prevent you from having to buy a completely new window is window films. These are very simply to install as they usually just require you to roll them onto the window and stick your window with the help of a very light, yet lasting adhesive or they attach to your window via a static lock or cling.

Q: I have bay windows in my home—is there anything I can do to dress them up?
A: Yes! Even though these windows feature a bit more of a complex shape to them you can actually still find a flexible range of window treatments that will allow you to dress them up with relative ease. Just make sure that the particular treatments that you are considering for purchase specifically list that they are indeed intended for use with bay windows.

Q: I’d like to find a simple way to reduce some of the noise pollution that makes its way into my home. Do you have any suggestions?
A: Your home is your inner sanctuary so it is quite understandable to desire a lower level of noise within your home. Fortunately, there are some very simple soundproofing solutions that you can look into. You can find sliding door soundproof treatments as well as soundproof window treatments for use throughout the rest of your home. These are available as post manufacturing solutions which allow you to apply them to your existing windows are you can purchase those that have been manufactured to feature additional soundproof capabilities.

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