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Bay Window Treatments

Bay window treatments can be a tough decoration to shop for because this type of window has a unique shape in most homes and is often in an awkward place compared to other windows. Fortunately, there are many different options that can be selected between in order to give a room with these windows a good look and great control of light.

Though you can probably slang any type of treatment up on these windows, it’s probably not a good idea. For starters, the purpose of bay windows is to gain a lot of light into a room in a small amount of space. They accomplish this easily, but often to a large degree such that a room with these windows is too bright and can become bothersome. Thus, it’s important to select treatments that actually have precise control of the light. Additionally, these windows are often made in strange sizes, so it’s important to find a treatment that fits the look of the bay window set well. You definitely don’t want a bunch of drapes all crumpled up together in a space that is supposed to be inviting after all.

The two most common types of treatments are either shutters or Roman blinds. The former are usually shutters that are made of wood, which are installed directly into the base of the window for accurate control. These can be a bit cumbersome and are more expensive so many homeowners prefer Roman blinds, which are fabric drapes that compact directly above a window and are bulled down similar to plastic or metal blinds. Roman blinds are shape fighting and can be found in a huge variety of colors.

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